Invasion of Mammoth [vs. ACP] [COMMENT FOR 5 BULLETS]

Posted on May 1, 2012 by Ganger90


We are re-invading Mammoth because ACP thinks that we were going to this weekend any way when it was just a mass raid for fun. Concluding they think we are invading, we will be since it sounds like a pretty good idea to wake the army up. If we win the server Mammoth, we will be giving out promotions to every one except for highest moderators and highest members. If we lose, every one who said they can make it and don’t will be demoted. If we don’t win, those who made it will receive the amount of bullets that equals the size we got. For example, if we get 25, every one who makes it will get 25 bullets.

Invasion of Mammoth

30 minutes long

When: Sunday, May 6

Where: Mammoth, [DOCK ONLY]

Times: 2:00 PM EST 1:00 PM CST 12:00 PM MST 11:00 PM PST 7:00 PM UK/GMT


  • No allies
  • No bots
  • No claiming (that’s not an army concept any more, any way)
  • No spying

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