Invasions of the Ranger Troops

We faced the Ranger Troops today, basically unscheduled for us, although they posted it 24+ hours, but they gave the information to Unk, a fired leader 2 days ago and we were never officially informed. Despite that, we still managed to protect the server Tuxedo and the battle ended in approximately 30 minutes, when we both logged off and we won. The first 5 minutes looked bad. We had no idea in hell that we had an event, but our strong unscheduled chat size managed to pull through once I rallied the troops to log on to Club Penguin and we quickly got bigger sizes. All in all, it was a great performance for not being officially notified, although the invasion was valid. But, they think that they can beat us in a war! Haha, ridicilous! It makes me laugh… They only have two servers that aren’t already under our control. So we win two invasions and we win the war, because the rest of the servers they just got from our nation page, basically. Read more for the invasions!

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