Defense of Migrator [RESULTS]


An event today took place, The Defense of Migrator, where Pirates and SWAT had to unite to fight the Anti CP, because we share Migrator with Pirates, and ACP were invading it. Let me tell you, this event was chaos. SWAT, Pirates, and ACP couldn’t even fit in to one room, and we had to keep changing rooms. We tried to bomb ACP but most of our troops were locked out, not only that, xat kept crashing, But for us to note down, we had 25-28 UK on, which was great. With Pirates combined, we had around 35-40. Good job SWAT and Pirates, we did great. For now, this is a Tie until Boomer decides.


I couldn’t take any more pictures since I was lagging, and lightshot crashed after.


-Spi101 SWAT Leader/Godfather



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