Our Time Is Now

It’s been a while, for me especially, but now is the time. For the first time since the winter, the big three are back and leading together again.

Me, Ganger, and Taco will be leading. This is the leadership who saw record breaking sizes of 55+ for the first time in our history. This is the leadership that took down the Grand Alliance with LT maxing sizes of 40+ against armies like DW and IW.

We are back for something greater than those feats, and you all know what I’m talking about.

First on CPAC Top Ten.

This title has eluded us for the past 3 years and we won’t stop until we get there because that’s where we are meant to be. Join us on the long road to success as we will avenge our duties to bring this great army back to the top.

below zero5 1-3-15

Our Time Is Now.

~Bad, SWAT Commander

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  1. What’s y’all kik’s ?

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