Enough Is Enough

This is a message for Commando and his 24 year old virgins who work for that new CP Warfare site who seem to think they control armies now.

Since when did this horses ass spring up out of nowhere and start setting rules for the whole community?

Let me tell you something. SWAT played by the rules. We cleared our 50+ servers off our empire page for the server reset, and we didn’t get much in return or ask for much at all. But your going to sit here and tell me we didn’t win the battle of Breeze because two ACP legends didn’t agree even after you gave confirmation to our leaders that we successfully invaded the server from ACP. Give me a break. I don’t know what this fortification nonsense is but let me be very clear that SWAT won’t be following those guidelines and we will use the servers WE KNOW we won whether its on your gayass map or not. So you and Boomer can go take turns dropping the soap together because we will not follow your news site or abide by your rules until you learn how to be a little more fair.

SWAT won Breeze.

SWAT won Snow Fort.

And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

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