Unloyalty Will NOT Be Tolerated

Honestly, this has been a problem in this army for way too long. We’ve addressed it many times, but obviously it has yet to sink in.

Today, our new UK Leader, Max, quit this army because he didn’t receive main owner. You’re a UK LEADER. US is our main division. We have hour four main leaders, and no one will be promoted further than UK Leader until one of the big four retires. We already said that, so I honestly don’t know why he expected anything more than owner and editor.

Spikey and Verum are UK Leaders, and I don’t see them begging for main owner. Spikey, a SWAT Legend, who probably deserves more than just owner, is cool with it. See that’s loyalty, something this community lacks greatly.

If you think you’re too good for a certain rank that we give you, then don’t join. There are loyal mods and members who work for their ranks that would probably make a better fit.

Requirements for owners:

  1. You must be on chat 45 minutes before EVERY event. If you for some reason can’t attend an event, let a leader know in advance so we know you aren’t skipping.
  2. You are required to recruit every day. Whether it be CPPS chat recruiting or autoyping, you must be contributing in some way to make the army grow. Otherwise, you shouldn’t be owner.
  3. All owners are expected to take pictures at events. Leaders are busy leading the event, we don’t have time to take pictures. There are more than enough of you who have screenshot. Take pictures.

These are only a handful of requirements for owners. You all know what you are supposed to do. And again, if you want to look out for yourselves instead of the army, then this isn’t the army for you.

See you on the battlefield,

Bad, SWAT Commander

6 Responses

  1. Taco told me I was getting main so of course I expected it

    • We couped ben, you would have been promoted to leader if you didn’t leave like an idiot but that’s on you now. Your loss. Verum will get promoted instead.

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