Dear ACP,

Dear ACP,

It’s time to stop running and hiding from the truth.

I once made a mistake in this community and decided to multilog – a choice that I now regret and lost my status of CPA Legend over, even though more than half of the leaders and high ranked officials in this community still practice it. But, I, the difference between me and ACP, I took that punishment like a man and understood I could not change the situation. But now, this war, and all of these battles that ACP are losing, these are ACP’s issues, ACP’s losses, these are not SWAT’s problems or SWAT’s losses, they are SWAT’s victories and our triumphs over your army. Enough is enough, it’s time to stop blaming your shortcomings on SWAT, and it’s time to take your punishment that you asked for. All the boasting you made on CPAC, where did that get you now, ACP? Down 15-1 in a war against SWAT, dejavu huh? You wanna bash me or SWAT, bash it for something that’s real. But either way you decide to put it to your troops or tell the community, you’re still losing to us and 15 of your servers are now ours, and 0 of our servers are yours . That’s the best way to put it, that’s the only way I look at this war, and in that one battle we admitted to losing, I had no excuses, we had no excuses, we only had the future on our mind and how we will continue to be triumphant in this war. All in all, ACP, the fact of the matter is that you should take your losses as they are, and for you SWAT, let’s continue to do what we do.


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