Autists Of Club Penguin

All the proof you have of SWAT multilogging is that we max more than ACP. You call out Apollo for multilogging, but you’re sucking Mustaphas dick constantly. If you want to talk about the past then lets talk about the past. The last time ACP reached first was because of your multilogs, you even banished Skyfish for exposing you. You’re one of them armies that accuse every one of multilogging because you’re small. SWAT doesn’t bot recruit, or autotype, so all our recruits come from xat chats and DSGHQ has constantly said they would ban any troop in SWAT from OldCP. You’re mad because SWAT has grown and if we were “multilogging”, SWAT would be maxing the same as DCP right now. The past is the past, but if you want to still accuse us with no evidence then we will do the same. I remember you were bitching about not getting ACP leader with Maxy, but when you got it you didn’t do anything for Maxy. Most armies put nulls on chat because it motivates troops when they see bigger sizes. I’m pretty sure ACP do it as well and DCP have been caught doing it. It isn’t the same as multilogging because your chat sizes don’t effect anything. Please stop being idiotic by accusing us of stuff we haven’t done. It wouldn’t surprise me if you started saying ‘SWAT is back again for the 100th time xdxdxd’, like all the retards in this community. Come up with some proof and stop using insults that are 2 years old. ACP needs to stop taking the morale high ground like this is 2011 because you have cheated as much as other armies. You call yourselves the “good guys”, but there is no good or bad guys in Club Penguin.

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