More Ranting From ACP, Still Irrelevant

don’t read this.

Alright so, this is sort of a follow up to both Verum and Trader’s post responding to Verum. Trader is basically asked to have his ass whooped, so lets give him what he wants.

“Hello ACP! Today we destroyed SWAT with a post that has so much proof that SWAT comes back at us with this garbage. Let’s break it down and make Verum and SWAT as a whole look like an idiot.”

Yes, definitely Trader, I was completely torn inside because you made a post with 0 evidence proving absolutely nothing, while at the same time displaying the grammar of a 3rd grader. Yes, I am dying to get to the E.R. due to the lack of oxygen in my lungs because you destroyed me so much. On a more serious note, Trader again proved how much of a helpless twit he is and I will now fire my last missile at him, and hopefully this time, he’ll get the memo.

Verum = Bold

Me = Red

“All the proof you have for SWAT multilogging is that we max more than ACP”

Well, not really…We obviously proved you multilogged. You aren’t bigger then us. You’re the weakest army in this community.

You did not prove anything, Trader. All you did was point out a faked event we had LAST week and then claimed Ganger has been multiloggging on Fort59, when we’ve said 100 times we give it to people who don’t have an account at event time.

“You call out Apollo for multilogging, but you’re sucking Mustaphas dick constantly”

Those 2 things have nothing to do with each other, I don’t know how to respond to this, your post is titled autistic of CP, but I’m looking at SWAT and i’m confusing the two. LOL.

He isn’t wrong. All I see is you and Mustapha talking shit about other armies literally everywhere I go. And you say can’t respond to that because you know it’s true, want to make it anymore obvious? I’m looking at ACP and trying to wonder why I haven’t posted invasions yet, idk maybe I’m just a nice guy.

 “If you want to talk about the past then lets talk about the past. The last time ACP reached first was because of your multilogs, you even banished Skyfish for exposing you.”

Nobody is talking about the past, all the stuff I said in the post was stuff that literally happened this week. Trying to change the subject, Verum?

You are talking about the past. If I recall correctly, you talked about an event we had last week, which in no way would affect us this week because the top ten has already been out for days, and you claimed Ganger has been multilogging on Fort59 dating back to a year ago. And you’re the one avoiding the question when you completely failed to respond to when he brought up Skyfish exposing ACP for multilogging, yet here you are accusing us for the same thing.

 “SWAT doesn’t bot recruit, or autotype, so all our recruits come from xat chats and DSGHQ has constantly said they would ban any troop in SWAT from OldCP.”

Funny considering your chat is always dead.

Funny considering SWAT has done more in two weeks than ACP has done in two years and ACP’s chat daily chat size is really 5 troops with 10 retirees.

“You’re mad because SWAT has grown and if we were “multilogging”, SWAT would be maxing the same as DCP right now.”

Not quite Verum, I don’t think your moms Laptop can handle as much as DCP maxes, Neither can Badboy. The money he makes from shooting up schools does not earn enough.

Again, here you sit with your head up your ass claiming we multilog, WITH NO LEGITIMATE PROOF. You go in circles every time you speak and your grammar gives me a migraine. And lol yo. Like Verum said, stop using jokes from two years ago. You bringing up two cropped pictures where I had a girl with me just makes me laugh. And what also makes me laugh is the fact that you think people receive money from shooting up schools, when most school shooters commit suicide after they flee from the school, but I don’t expect someone such as yourself to understand something as serious as a school shooting where 100’s of kinder gardeners die. You just think its a big joke. What a funny guy.

“The past is the past, but if you want to still accuse us with no evidence then we will do the same.”

This is why you’re retarded and every army hates you. Let me clarify


You say Verum is retarded and every army hates him. This leads me to believe you don’t currently own a mirror, I may be wrong.

Like I stated above Fort59 is only used for emergency purposes, in case someone does not have an account ready for event, which is usually every event. And please, don’t correct anyone else’s grammar, yours makes me want to jump out of the window of a 100 story building.

“I remember you were bitching about not getting ACP leader with Maxy, but when you got it you didn’t do anything for Maxy”

Little off topic…but here ya go. Maxy was going to get leader 1 week after me after the Champion Cup round 3. But he acted like a retard and got banished.

It may be off topic, but its true, and you fear the truth. So much that you would accuse us of doing things with nothing to back up your claims. You should be banished for being the most retarded leader in ACP history, and they had Sercan who deliberately edited event pictures. I mean, that’s a tough act to follow, but you’re doing a great job thus far, keep it up man!

“Most armies put nulls on chat because it motivates troops when they see bigger sizes. I’m pretty sure ACP do it as well and DCP have been caught doing it”

ACP doesn’t need chat because the size we get on chat should represent the size we get on Club Penguin.

Swat has 5-6 nulls on chat at all times? Then that means….you have 10 on chat and 30 on CP at all times. Bro you suck.

LOL YO. “The size we get on chat should represent the size we get on Club Penguin”. WHEN HAS THAT EVER BEEN TRUE? So you’re saying every time an army has an event their chat size is the same as the size they get on CP? Stop smoking crack please, it isn’t working for you.

SWAT rarely ever puts nulls on cat, usually just when we have a very low chat size, meaning 5-10, but you wouldn’t know that because its a fact, and you don’t face the facts, you face your ass and pull everything out of it like its your own personal color printer.

Again, we had a lot of CPPS troops from other chats log on for that event and follow along with tactics, but I won’t get too in depth about it again because I already thoroughly explained it in my previous post. Is this the best you can do? Honestly, I am bored.

“Please stop being idiotic by accusing us of stuff we haven’t done. It wouldn’t surprise me if you started saying ‘SWAT is back again for the 100th time xdxdxd’”

Swat is back again for the 100th time. xdxdxd

Yeah, and we’re bigger than ACP who maxes 15 and has been around since 2007. Good job bro.

“Come up with some proof and stop using insults that are 2 years old.”

Well…nothing in my post was really an insult I couldn’t back up. I proved everything.

All you do is insult people and then turn around and wonder why everyone is out to get ACP. Wake up please, you didn’t prove anything and no posts you make will effect us in any way, so keep sweating kid.

“ACP need to stop taking the morale high ground like this is 2011 because you have cheated as much as other armies. You call yourselves the “good guys”, but there is no good or bad guys in Club Penguin.”

Are you saying you want ACP to cheat? “Acp need to stop taking the morale high ground”

Yes, SWAT is the Bad Guys

ACP is the Good Guys.

No, we’re saying we want you and anyone else in ACP who decides to open their mouth to shut up before its too late, you’re more then lucky we haven’t declared war yet. Consider this an early Christmas present.

SWAT are the best, and we always will be.

ACP are the most irrelevant group of fags this community has ever seen and if it weren’t for my layed back and peaceful personality, I would’ve scheduled invasions to steamroll ACP already. So keep trying me.

Rest in Peace SWAT

Rest in peace? You’ve been resting since 2013, and SWAT is maxing 35.

Get a life Trader, this game isn’t for you.

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