Silence Trader, And All Of ACP

Keep your mouths shut, Trader, and all of ACP.

Or SWAT will shut it for you once again.

Fast forward a few months later, SWAT is back and stronger than ever. Where is ACP at currently? Well, it wouldn’t be too hard to guess, but they are maxing 12 and launching out less than “intimidating” threats out against SWAT. Trader, for being not even the leader of an army that hasn’t been relevant ever since SWAT started to beat your ass, you’re very arrogant. Now, I’m going to dissect a few statements from Trader that made me lose brain cells.

“In the last war that ACP had with SWAT, you guys claimed victory at every event even the ones we obviously beat you at. In a war again, I hope you’re prepared for us to ignore your petty and irrelevant armies cry for victory.” – Trader

Alright, first of all, the war was not even close or even a discussion. We took all of your 30 servers within 2 weeks, and all the evidence of CLEAR VICTORY for SWAT is on our website, while you didn’t even post half of the battles from the war(weird, right? :s )

I don’t know why i’d beg for money from someone who can’t even afford a good ownership. You have 1 server, Swat.

We definitely do not have 1 server, but what’s funny is that after our war with you a few months ago, you had 0 servers and we were up 30, and we can go 0-100 real quick if you wanna keep talking with them empty-threats just like last time. 😉

The fact of the matter, Trader and ACP, is that you need to speak on your actions and you guys have had no success in defeating SWAT, and you will not have any success doing so in the future.

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