Ganger90, Proud SWAT Leader: We have reached the top, and I am proud to say this, but I will be even more proud to say we stayed at the top. Let’s keep this great work up, SWAT! We can only improve from here on out, this is still only the beginning! Soon, we will be peaking at sizes of 55-60+, it is right around the corner so be ready for SWAT’s best Golden Age ever! Unfinished Business.

Wow, just wow. This week has been absolutely amazing for us. We’ve hit sizes SWAT hasn’t seen for years, and we’ve been doing it consistently. No other army is doing better than us now, and NO ONE has room to talk. We will be #1 this week, and the drought will be over. Tonight, we maxed 45 averaging 40 at our raid of ACP’s Co-Capital, Snow Fort, with superb tactics. Man, I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Creds to Cheese, Apollo, Armor, Sky and the many other people who took pictures, you guys are the best!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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  1. I came.

  2. I came legit event fam

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