Ganger90: Great event everyone! Make sure to attend the Invasion of Half Pipe, Thursday @8PM EST. 70+ for mass promotions!

Hello Agents!

Tonight we logged on to invade another historical SWAT server, and we did ridiculously good. We FINALLY broke 50+ while averaging 45-47 the whole battle. We lost a bit of size towards the end of event, but we did absolutely outsanding, and we move closer to our goal of 1st on CPAC every day.

Just starting up,

Heating up,

Going on FIRE!

Oh, and just to add, we got up to 57 on chat, so call that multilogging you green faggots.

We are #1, there isn’t a question now. The results show, and we will continue to thrive. We will soon be maxing 70+, so get ready SWAT.

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

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