End Of Eras


Cowards is all I can think of when someone mentions ACP. Talking crap, then not owning up to it whenever something hits them. Quit being salty sweetie! SWAT will take ACP’s nation in less than 5 days.

If you don’t think we will win, don’t forget we had LT back out of a war. Following that, they died the next day. ACP will surrender as soon as possible because they’re pussies who won’t show to invasions nor defenses.

Enjoy shouting “multilogging” towards every army. I’ve already seen it done to IW, WV and LT. This isn’t about SWAT demolishing ACP for just talking crap, it’s for the good of our community.

Look at it this way — You’re at a party and someone who was invited brings that annoying friend who wasn’t invited. They disrupt everything and everyone while annoying them. They quickly become arrogant and piss everyone off for being cocky but if you say something they come back with the most idiotic comebacks. This ‘friend’ is ACP.  They try to make good with everyone, but then make the most ridiculous claims to an army that reaches victory more times than Paris Hilton gives blowjobs. (Trust me, it’s a lot of times.)

To whom it may concern, SWAT will murder ACP. If they decide to keep going as we take their entire empire, we will just keep invading the servers they claim to have.

Welcome to the End of Eras.

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