Thank You

I would like for everyone to take a moment to pay your respects to the many soldiers who put their lives and their freedom on the line for us. If it were not for them, we would not be at school, we would not have food, we would not be the country we are today. We need to be thankful for the things we have, and be grateful that we have those things.

We need to also be grateful for the countries we live in because in other countries, there are corrupted leaders who have people that live in pain they get tortured day in and day out. It is very important that we take this moment to realize what people have done to impact our lives.

And one special thanks to my brother who is serving in the Canadian navy as of right now.

He has been like a father to me while my real father has been a jerk, and I will love you for the rest of my life.

 Lest we forget 

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