SWAT Recruiting Regime


With the new introduction of the SWAT Recruiting Regime and hard work here in SWAT, we have been able to reach some of our goals. I am very proud of everyone for what we have been able to accomplish so far, but this is not the end, not even close. We have been able to hit 45+ several times this generation, maxing sizes of 48 yesterday, and now we will begin to work towards breaking 55-60+. Remember at all times SWAT, we can only improve, and I may be a little tough on rules and respect, but the only reason I do this is because I want SWAT to be the best it can be. Me and the other leaders want SWAT to be the very best, and that’s why we enforce the rules strictly, and you have seen that it is only going to make us better so beep it up, SWAT. We will keep rising! We have a huge Christmas Chaos Tournament @2PM EST, 7PM GMT (UK), on Sunday, and we expect to reach up to 75+ people at this huge mission. This will be a very big mission, and even though we are not going against a strong opponent yet, we will need to make a great first impression in this tournament. Let’s win this, SWAT.


-President Ganger90, SWAT Leader and Founder.

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