It Starts Tonight

SWAT re-opens tonight. We will be cleansing/marching on our capital server, Mammoth, and we expect to see sizes of around 40-45. We will pick up right where we left off, SWAT. The competition is few. We have a chance to do something big here, and we will get it done. Our goals are stretched farther than 1st in CPAC, because that will come easy to us. I want to have SWAT be the bridge between keeping this community alive and well. Last week, the legendary Ice Warriors shut its doors. DCP also locked down this week. Armies are dropping like flies, and I won’t see SWAT meet the same fate. We will prevail and we will continue to live on. This is the last ride for me, because this time, THERE ACTUALLY ISN’T anywhere else to go. Lets do this SWAT.

We Manage Now.

~Bad, SWAT Commander In Chief

One Response

  1. we are back and better then ever

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