The Final Stand

SWAT’s Final Stand

With the final weeks of CP armies approaching, last weekend I decided to bring back this great army for one last run; against all odds and adversity that faces us, to finish on top of the CP Army World in the very end. Yes as always there were doubters and haters of course, telling us “SWAT should rest”, “There’s no point”, but SWAT is not the type of army to slip up under pressure or listen to what a critic has to say, it only made us stronger as a unit and an army. SWAT has had times where our reputation had been hit, and has overshadowed the greatness that this army holds and has accomplished. This final stand before it’s too late to make one is to bring back the prized memories that the real loyal SWAT troops remember like it was yesterday. And if you’re not with us now, then we will consider that you are against us. Without the bad influences that the new SWAT has seen come and go, we are going back to the basics and continue working on returning this army to it’s true former glory and we will prevail as the top CP army in this final hour, and we will do it the right way.

SWAT President and Founder,


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