Unscheduled Training Event – Results

Hello SWAT!

Today we decided to hold an unscheduled event with a few members of our allied armies: The Elites and The Royal Family. The event, initially ran by commanders Badboy and Sweater, quickly became a U-lead event, with leaders, owners and members alike thinking up fun and creative tactics which put a smile on everyone’s faces and, from the sounds of the voice chat, caused quite a few laughs as well! We managed to max around 35, which was an amazing feeling especially when the tactics hit just right, which happened on many occasions. It was a really amazing event and I want to thank everyone who took the time to attend. Despite all going on in the world of CPO, I want to say that the event today reminded me what it was to be a part of SWAT, and proud of everyone for the time and dedication they put in to making this army one of the best.

Thank you all for making SWAT what it is: an amazing army and an amazing group of friends!

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