Steping Down from LeaderShip + Reminder of this year

Heyo , i’m Hiroyuki. I’ve been there since Zuke’s gen. Been a while since i joined. I started to lead SWAT with Sammi , fast and Sophy. As you all know they all steped down or retired.

HCOM meeting just after the SWAT return event of this gen. (MAY 30TH , START OF 3RD GEN)

Today is my day sadly. I want SWAT to live to the strongest. Don’t get me wrong i love the community but i’m not hooked with club penguin anymore. So i’m going to be Advisor and help up with the server. I will still be participating in some events and community events. I will take this as a break too. Sadly , club penguin drama doesn’t help with in real life things. I have alot to think and to do now. Don’t be sad this is not my end in this community. I will forever be with SWAT till the day i die. There’s a chance i return to leadership if anything. Also in not long it will be my last year in High School and i wanna take the most of it and have fun ! This community as been the most awesome and is still. I love every single one of you and i want you guys to destroy all the other armies. I will help you guys but won’t be forced to be active as much. This community helped me with depression and being bored. That’s why i’m not leaving but just stepping down. We’ll see what happens in the future but i’m glad to have this community and being able to have fun with leaders , staff and members. Every single one of you helped me in a good way if you were a bit active in chat. I want to make the best of the moments i have. Thank you everyone for being awesome. I still have depression but hey , i will deal with it and make my life interesting. BLEED BLACK , SWAT IN MY VEINS , SWAT FOREVER.

Training event : June 1st , 2020. My promotion to Leader
The proof that SWAT is most determined army ever and the best (END OF FIRST GEN + START OF THE 2TH GEN)
Ganger being Ganger
Sammi spamming me in the discord server

—– My first event : April 12th , 2020 ———–


Many recent legends were made at this event
Lockdown of the legends
Many legends were there.
The battle was EPIC.

—- Izzy retirement : May 16th, 2020 ——

Trying to resurrect Ganger
Probably the best image of 2020 legends. ( Sophy , Sammi , Teaska , xfastx , bad , Conor , Jaylen , Sophie , Izzy and me) + Awesome staff and HCOM members ( Camotes , Aphrodite)

There were too much awesome events but i wanted to put the ones that affected me. Also I will never betray SWAT so if i come back to being leader. Only SWAT will be my home.

COMEBACK IN 2024 ? ( Don’t forget i’m still in the server at anytime )

Thanks to the guy (that dissapeared) that invited me to SWAT in the golden mine when Club Penguin Online was still up. You made SWAT what it is today.

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  1. yeah, swat helped me the same.
    SWAT Forever, we gonna miss you Hiroyuki

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