9/22 Invasion of Ice Cave [VICTORY]

After an amazing Ausia event win, SWAT logged on at 7:00 PM EST to invade Water Viking’s land, ICE CAVE. The SWAT and WV war has been going on for quite some time now, we wanted to make events fun again. So we decided to do an amBUSH event and dressed up in bush disguises. WV copied the idea and changed their uniform into squids.

Max: 30

In Room 1, SWAT entered inside the Mine first and was able to cover WV with their faster tactics.

SWAT did not give up their stamina in room 2. They were able to be the first to enter the Iceberg. WV bombs and tactics were covered giving SWAT the W in this room.

With two strong rooms completed, SWAT entered the final room, Snow Forts. WV did pick it back up in the third room but not enough for a win, concluding the room to count as a TIE.

With SWAT winning two rooms, they have successfully invaded Ice Cave.


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