Response to UIPA(Un-identified Peasant Army)

Post from the UIPA’s main website-
Friends, Templars, Countrymen.

Where do I begin? 

Today, we begin our 6th Great Holy War aka Operation: White Sharia. Today, we begin the newest crusade in our long history of wars and battles. Today, we fight against the sensitive SWAT-proxy, the Mangoes. Our reason for war you ask? 

Firstly, We want war. War is our lifeblood. Win or Lose. We want war.
Secondly, Ganger is annoying as [censored]. It’s time we put a stake in SWAT’s coffin. Starting with their proxy armies.”

Come on now, last time I checked legends beat peasants. Bring all the smoke we can be your main supplier.

Lebron Cigar GIFs | Tenor
G90 smokin that UIPA-pack

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