SWAT March Madness Tournament

Today marks the first day of the March Madness Tournament which is an incredibly big tournament held in the community. During the battle, Special Weapons and Tactics were put against People’s Imperial Confederation. Keep reading if you want to learn about what happened during the battle between SWAT and PIC!


First Room – Dock

Second Room – Stadium

Third Room – Inside Mine

✰ Results ✰

The battle was definitely memorable, exciting, and fun. PIC did well, however, they couldn’t keep up with SWAT. SWAT was at an advantage with not just troop size, but also having cleaner/better choices in formations, and had a fast performance with tactics. Due to all of the great performance done by SWAT, it led them to a clean sweep of a 3-0 Victory. Congratulations SWAT! Make sure you are keeping an eye out for the next tournament which will be against our allies, Ice Warriors. #Fight4SWAT


SWAT Leader

5 Responses

  1. Gg tell super I said hello

  2. potentially the hottest thing ive seen all day besides my reflection

  3. SWAT forever

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