Agent of The Week – Interview

Today I was able to interview the Special Weapons and Tactics new Troop of The Week, Alice. Alice has been working very hard attending many of our events and just being super motivated over all. Read more to find out how the interview went.

Our interview will be starting now!

Alright! Let’s start off simple, how was your day?
It’s amazing!

Glad to hear that! Are you ready for our event vs. ACP today?

Love the enthusiasm! What’s your favorite color?
Probably seashell pink.

Oooo. I always have to ask, cats or dogs?
Probably dogs.

I see. Do you have any pets?
Yup! Fishes.

What are your goals for SWAT?
Well, I want to try to attend as many trainings, events, battles, etc. and try becoming a staff member for SWAT.

That’s incredible! You’ll get there soon enough. Do you have any hobbies?
Yes! I do have hobbies, such as socializing, spending time with my family, and traveling!

Wow! What keeps you so motivated?
Hm probably entertainment (talking with people, watching anime, etc.) and going on short walks.

Ohh okok. Is there anyone in SWAT that you look up to?
Mare! She’s amazing.

Awww Mare is a sweetheart. What’s your current favorite song?
“Proven” by Lauren Vi Pham, it kinda hits different and has many meanings to it.

What a nice jam! Thank you so much Alice!

As you can see Alice is very fun and brings the joy to our SWAT main chat. She’s the perfect example of what our SWAT troops are like. I had a joy interviewing Alice and I hope you enjoyed reading and getting to know her. Will you be the next Troop of The Week?
Until next time…

SWAT Second In Command

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