Agent of The Week – Interview

This week Special Weapons and Tactics has two Agents of The Week! Mare and Kli have been working super hard this week and I was lucky enough to interview the both of them! Read more to find out how it went.

Our interview will start now!
Color Code: Mare Kli

To get us started, how are you doing today? : )
I mean I’m doing amazing because I am Agent of the Week I never thought this day would come so I’m really happy.

I’m glad to hear that! Are you ready for our war?
Yeah I am ready for our war, but I wish it was on roblox because I love roblox, Magicalmaryyyy add me.

Do you have any pets?
I do, I have a dog named Tera she’s a german shepard mix and an annoying bird.

Awwww. What’s your favorite color?
Purple giggles cutely.

Pretty! Do you have any advice for those wanting to be Agent of The Week?
No. Not yet.
rawr xd uwu…yes keep coming to our events and being active because then you can become Agent of The Week, but I’m the best Agent of The Week…don’t tell the other person I said that…giggles cutely.

In the future would you want to travel? And where to.

Yes, New York.
Yes, I would love to go to Iceland one day it’s my dream giggles cutely uwu rawr.

Lovely places!
Kli, are you planning on working towards Staff?

You’ll get there soon enough! Mare, how long have you been a leader for SWAT?
I have been leading SWAT for 9-10 months now heheeeee.

Gotta hit that one year.
Thanks to the both of you!

I had an incredible time interviewing Mare and Kli. Mare defienlty was rather funny today, she has been obsessed with Roblox recently. Kli has worked very hard for SWAT and we appreciate everything they do for us. Maybe next week YOU will be our Agent of The Week.
Until next time…

SWAT Second In Command

2 Responses

  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations to the new AOTW! Nice post as always, Kayla!

  2. Thank you for interviewing me!!!! 😀

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