Agent Of The Week 5-11/07/21

Another week of SWAT events has gone and this week has certainly been a busy week with all troops being needed for battle. Who showed up and grabbed the crown? Well, let’s find out!

This week, SWAT has been at war with the Templars of CP. We have hosted many defences and invasions during the week and the atmosphere has been tense with the war. However, this hasn’t stopped our agents from being motivated and aiming for the title this week.

SWAT has had battles that we have lost but also that we have won. We never fall down and if we do, we fall together. We get back up and we rise together. This is the mentality that troops will have and should have as SWAT never gives up and the AOTW has shown the passion of many troops.

This troop has recently joined us and have actually worked hard in SWAT to prove themselves, not just as a SWAT troop but they have been working to be a valuable member of SWAT, trying to do everything they can to help new troops and SWAT as an army. This person also overtook our past AOTWs in the rankings. With a score of 69, the person who has gained Agent Of The Week this week is…



Congratulations to Leo who worked hard this week in SWAT to earn this title. However, there are other SWAT agents who were also working hard this week, let’s take a look at the top 5 SWAT troops!


  1. L.E.O – 69
  2. Shabbir – 49
  3. Cole, Livii Desuu AND Glitch Alpha E.M. -34

Congratulations to all SWAT troops as well as the top 5 agents! Don’t worry if you didn’t get AOTW this week, you will be able to earn it if you keep working hard you’ll be able to earn Agent Of The Week too!

SWAT Forever ~ Coolguy

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