Agent Of The Week – 02-08/2021

Another week has passed and another AOTW will be crowned by the end of this post. Well, who will be crowned as the new AOTW this week? Let’s find out

Well, another week has gone by and SWAT has seen many changes from leadership all the way down to troops with new troops arriving and claiming their place in the army. Not only are they claiming their place within the army but also trying to grab the AOTW crown! Something we love to see! Well, I bet you’re wondering who actually got Agent Of The Week this week, we’ll get to that soon enough for sure.

This week was a close week with many troops trying to grab the top spot but also a few surprises happened in the rankings which many will be surprised by. Let’s see who won Agent Of The Week this week, shall we?

Well this person is one of the newer troops in SWAT, they joined at the very end of last month so to get Agent Of The Week in their first full week is INCREDIBLE and just shows the motivation that this troop has. This is something we love to see from our troops and we can’t wait to see more!! This person has been consistently attending events and has been active too. They have worked hard and deserve this award. This person is…..



I want to be the first to congratulate Eggz on this achievement and you really deserve this!! Also, I want to thank all those troops, staff and hcom who have been attending events and helping SWAT in every way they can! If you didn’t get AOTW this week, don’t worry, there’s always next week! Just keep working hard and you’ll achieve it!

Top 5 Ranking

  1. Eggz987 – 61 Points
  2. Adam Ahmed – 48 Points
  3. Fox Candy AND Family aka Cole – 39 Points
    5. Naruto- 26

Congratulations to those who made It into the top 5 and congratulations to Eggz for gaining AOTW this week! Keep working hard everyone! We want to see you all shine! Eggz getting AOTW just shows that absolutely anyone can get earn AOTW if you just work hard enough!


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