Agent Of The Week 16-22/08/21

Another week has past and now a new Agent Of The Week has been crowned. Read more to find out who this Agent Of The Week and how they got it during this weird week in SWAT.

This week has been a slightly quieter week for SWAT and yet we have seen 2 battles within the space of 24 hours and more. Agents have been competing for Agent Of The Week in this slightly quieter yet action filled week so who actually came out on top? Let’s find out!

This week was an extremely close one as there was no clear winner on the leaderboard, however, a winner has been decided and this person was extremely close to winning it last week when a similar situation happened which meant that they fell short of grabbing the crown. This person has been working hard in SWAT, hyping, attending events, being active and more. This person is a local around SWAT and we want to see them, as well as every other SWAT troop, keep improving!

This person is….


COLE aka Family

Congratulations to Cole for winning AOTW this week, we want everyone to keep working hard and if you do, maybe you get AOTW like Cole too!! Thanks to Cole and all the other SWAT troops for supporting us, we appreciate you all. More SWAT events coming soon, keep an eye out for them!


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