29(08) – 05/09 Agent Of The Week

Another week has passed and another Agent Of The Week is set to be crowned. With little events this week, who will come out on top as the winner of this week’s Agent Of The Week? Let’s find out!

Last week there was no Agent Of The Week and this week we held 2 events with many game nights inbetween so this should be a much closer race for the crown than the past AOTW crownings but will it be? This week we held 2 events, 1 ausia and 1 uk/us there was many that came to both but only 1 person could prevail.

The person who has been crowned this week has been working hard within SWAT, they’ve been incredibly active and friendly in chat, they’ve hyped for events and came to all those they could and even when they didn’t get Agent Of The Week, they were on that leaderboard and they were motivated by this status, to earn it and be the best they can be within SWAT. While this has been a slightly quieter week, there’s no doubt that this person has done everything they can to earn this position once again.

This person is….



Congratulations to Fox Candy for winning Agent Of The Week this week! Your hard work has once again paid off! I would also like to give thanks to D90 and Naruto who also worked hard this week and attended events, I know this week hasn’t been action-packed, nor has it been the best individually, however, if you work together, keep working hard within SWAT, you may just grab AOTW very soon!

Thanks to everyone else that has been active within SWAT and doing their best to help us out in every way we can. Now it’s time for STAFF OF THE WEEK. This is a new addition to these posts so make sure to congratulate both people after you’ve read this post. Our last Staff of the Week was William so who will come out on top this week? Let’s find out!

This Staff Of The Week is incredibly hard because we have a lot of staff members and a couple have been working very hard including our last SOTW William which we love to see. This makes this decision even harder and hairs are picked to try and deduce who deserves it this week. Before I say who won it, if you didn’t get it this week but have worked hard, do not worry because I’ve seen you, we’ve all seen you so keep it up and aim for next week too! This person has worked hard within SWAT, they’ve promoted activity, they’ve stuck with SWAT through thick and thin, they’re dedicated and motivated, they’ve stepped up when we needed them to step up, they’ve led many events and have tried to help as much as they could this week even when they were busy.

This person is…



Congratulations, you have earned this! Thanks to all those who keep supporting us and helping us in every way that you can, we appreciate it! Keep an eye out for our interviews and our next event!


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