✪】Fiesta Takeover

Hello Agents! Today Special Weapons and Tactics held a Fiesta Takeover event. The army dressed up in a sombrero, poncho, and had maracas! During the takeover, they were not just having a fun theme happening, but also were invading land. Read more to see what occured!

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✪】UPCOMING EVENT: Fiesta Take Over

:swatgreenalert: ATTENTION ALL AGENTS :swatgreenalert:  We will be dressing up and invading Fiesta on Saturday, July 3rd. Make sure to not miss the huge event tomorrow and review the times! We need everyone there.

MISSION: Successfully invade Fiesta!
REWARDS: Promotions+ $500 bot cash +10PTS for Agents of the Week

✪】AUSIA Lifeguard Takeover

Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event on Tuesday, June 22nd. During the event, the army decided to change up the uniform by wearing the lifeguard shirt from the catalog. While the troops were taking over the map wearing their lifeguard shirts, they were practicing formation changes and holding word tactics. This AUSIA event was a successful takeover. Read more to see a recap of the event!

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✪】Defense of Tuxedo

On Thursday, June 10th Special Weapons and Tactics were battling up against Silver Empire to defend their land Tuxedo. The army fought hard and everyone had a lot of fun during the battle!

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SWAT Art Gallery

Hello Special Weapons and Tactics! Over the last few weeks, we were having a fun art submission going on within the army. People showed off their amazing artistic skills and worked incredibly hard on them. Keep reading more to see the art pieces the members created!

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