✪】UPCOMING EVENT: Fiesta Take Over

:swatgreenalert: ATTENTION ALL AGENTS :swatgreenalert:  We will be dressing up and invading Fiesta on Saturday, July 3rd. Make sure to not miss the huge event tomorrow and review the times! We need everyone there.

MISSION: Successfully invade Fiesta!
REWARDS: Promotions+ $500 bot cash +10PTS for Agents of the Week

✪】SWAT Summer Takeover

On June 21, Special Weapons and Tactics held a SWAT Summer Takeover event. The event consisted of the team having their training at fun summer spots on Clubpenguin! The event was successful and the team did a great job with Keep reading to see the recap of what occured.

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:swatgreenalert:  ATTENTION AGENTS :swatgreenalert: On Wednesday, June 23rd we will be going up against Help Force. We need everyone there in order to win this battle! Hope to see you all there!

:swatsalute::HFsalute:BATTLE VS HELP FORCE :HFsalute: :swatsalute:
》Wednesday, June 23rd《
:clockncp: ᴛɪᴍᴇ? :clockncp:
:newcpuk~1:8:00 PM BST:newcpuk~1:
:newcpus~1: 3:00 PM EST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:2:00 PM CST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:1:00 PM MST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:12:00 PM PST:newcpus~1:
:star:12:30 AM IST:star:
:newcpau~1:3:00 AM SGT:newcpau~1:
:newcpau~1:7:00 AM NZ:newcpau~1:
MISSION: Win the battle against Help Force and reach our online goal!
REWARDS: Promotions+ $900 bot cash +15PTS for Agents of the Week

✪】AUSIA Training

On Friday, June 18th Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA training event for the Morning Warriors. During this event it helped prepare the AUSIA members get their training of the week for their upcoming battles.

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✪】Defense of Tuxedo

On Thursday, June 10th Special Weapons and Tactics were battling up against Silver Empire to defend their land Tuxedo. The army fought hard and everyone had a lot of fun during the battle!

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