✪】Pre-Historic Takeover

On Thursday, July 1st Special Weapons and Tactics held a fun pre-historic takeover event! The army dressed up in outfits from the stone age. The event also had a special surprise which was the invasion of Ice Shelf. The army successfully collect the land and had a great event! Here’s a recap!

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✪】AUSIA Lifeguard Takeover

Special Weapons and Tactics held an AUSIA event on Tuesday, June 22nd. During the event, the army decided to change up the uniform by wearing the lifeguard shirt from the catalog. While the troops were taking over the map wearing their lifeguard shirts, they were practicing formation changes and holding word tactics. This AUSIA event was a successful takeover. Read more to see a recap of the event!

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✪】SWAT Summer Takeover

On June 21, Special Weapons and Tactics held a SWAT Summer Takeover event. The event consisted of the team having their training at fun summer spots on Clubpenguin! The event was successful and the team did a great job with Keep reading to see the recap of what occured.

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:swatgreenalert:  ATTENTION AGENTS :swatgreenalert: On Wednesday, June 23rd we will be going up against Help Force. We need everyone there in order to win this battle! Hope to see you all there!

:swatsalute::HFsalute:BATTLE VS HELP FORCE :HFsalute: :swatsalute:
》Wednesday, June 23rd《
:clockncp: ᴛɪᴍᴇ? :clockncp:
:newcpuk~1:8:00 PM BST:newcpuk~1:
:newcpus~1: 3:00 PM EST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:2:00 PM CST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:1:00 PM MST:newcpus~1:
:newcpus~1:12:00 PM PST:newcpus~1:
:star:12:30 AM IST:star:
:newcpau~1:3:00 AM SGT:newcpau~1:
:newcpau~1:7:00 AM NZ:newcpau~1:
MISSION: Win the battle against Help Force and reach our online goal!
REWARDS: Promotions+ $900 bot cash +15PTS for Agents of the Week

✪】Battle VS RPF

Today, Special Weapons and Tactics went up against their allies, Rebel Penguin Federation. The event was definitely a fun challenging one and excited everyone. Here’s a recap of it!

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