Announcements [Battle!]

With SWAT switching to Club Penguin: Rewritten, a big part of the game is playing the various mini-games around the island to earn coins, which are then used to buy items which can be very useful for the battles and events SWAT will have on there. CPR has announced that you can also now go to the Cave Mine with your miner helmet and drill for coins.

Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats™: Club Penguin Rooms #53: Cave Mine
Read more for the full guide

Mining for Coins:
Walk over and get the miner helmet.

This should pop up:

club penguin mining | Club Penguin Cooler

Uniform | THE NAVY
Click your penguin to bring up your player card and make sure the miner helmet only is equipped. Then press D on your keyboard to drill
Saraapril in Club Penguin: Earning Club Penguin Stamps FUN with Friends :)

We will keep posting more guides, tips and tutorials, so make sure to stay tuned in.
Soon we will have a CP Rewritten net worth competition to see who our richest penguins in SWAT are!

saving the best for last…..


SWAT vs Army of Club Penguin
[HUGE Battle]
》Saturday, February 6th《
10:00 PM GMT
5:00 PM EST
4:00 PM CST
3:00 PM MST
2:00 PM PST
6:00 AM SGT
11:00 AM NZ
As always, SWAT Forever

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  2. We comin for Mammoth frfr

  3. Wow! I’m so excited about this event. Can’t wait for coins and stamps!



  6. Acp is going down! Swatrulers forever!

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  9. Yea

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